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Welcome to Highland Management housing listings on the web

This list was last updated on 11/15/05

SPECIAL NOTICE: 24 hour maintenance provided. Highland Management properties all require a security deposit of 1 month's rent. Prices are subject to change without prior written notice. The price quoted for 1 bedroom apartment assumes one person occupancy, a second occupant can be added for an additional $25/month charge. Longer term leases available. Cats (sorry, no dogs!)  allowed in some facilities.

  • Rental Application available for download.

Select a facility link to view picture of the property and get additional information, including rent differences for multiple listings. Some apartments have interior pictures available.


Type of housing


Price Description

Jay-Mar Apts., 803/815 8th St.



$530/mo. + utilities - 12 mo. lease

All units newly remodeled ! Cats Allowed

School year leases available. Call Heather for more information, (419) 354-6036.

The Highlands, 220 Napoleon Rd.



$400 - $450/mo.(Newly Remodeled Units) + electric - 12 mo. lease

Liberty Street, 130/132/134


1 or 2

$445-$575/mo. + utilities - 12 mo. lease. Cats Allowed

The Homestead, 130 E. Washington St.


1 w/ study or 2

$545-$710/mo. + utilities - 12 mo. lease. Cats Allowed

Summit Hill, 414/418A/418B



$650-$885/mo. Includes Garage, washer & dryer. Cats Allowed

Contact Heather for more information

Phone : (419) 354-6036 | Fax : (419) 353-6375 | Email : Highland@wcnet.org

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